St. Francis Old Catholic Mission

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Please note we do not have translation for some countries which then remain in English. Translation is not perfect but help you to read mostly in your native language




Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngo - Dinh Thuc + +

Requiem in Peace

Our Mission  consists of Bishops, Priests, Deacons

The Bishop Priests and Deacons  of the S F O C M hold True Apostolic Succession 





Prayer for the Church

Lord, Jesus Christ, You are the Saviour of the world. Please manifest in Your church, the Spirit whom You also abundantly bestowed on Your Apostles. May zeal for Your glory and for the Salvation of the world inflame those You have chosen. May they be saints in Your likeness. May Your Holy Spirit strengthen them. May they be  Bishops ,Priests,  Deacons, Pastor's  May All of us whatever is our calling in the Old Catholic Apostolic Church   find  a True Spirit of sharing with our sisters and brothers   and be ready to share  our talents with one and other as we strive to build up the Kingdom of God  in Jesus Name. Amen

Saint Francis Mission





St Francis Mission